About us

We are a University Technical College that educates the young women and men that will become the next generation of professional engineers, technicians and innovators.

The Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College delivers academic excellence, alongside problem solving and valuable technical skills, for London’s 14 to 19 year olds.

Our students are inspired by solving real life community and industry problems, working alongside professionals from our sponsors in the transport engineering and construction industries. These industries are rapidly transforming London and there is an enormous need for the ambitious, high achieving, young women and men that will come through our UTC with their innovative thinking, team working and project management skills, all standing on a bedrock of excellent academic qualifications.

UTC progression statistics

Over 400 employers work with UTCs because they understand the importance of technical education and quality of our students.



of UTC leavers started apprenticeships

compared with 7% nationally



of apprenticeships undertaken by UTC students were at Higher or Degree level

compared with 6% nationally



of university entrants started a STEM course

compared with 22% nationally

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What students say:


I’m delighted that the University of Westminster is taking a leading role in establishing the Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College, which will provide a golden opportunity for many young people.

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I myself benefitted from a similar type of education a long time ago, when I left school aged 15 and went to my local art school (I had been lucky enough to attend free Saturday classes there from the age of 14). This eventually led to me starting a design company with my husband John, which over time we built into a very successful international business.

In 2000, we set up a charity with the aim of inspiring creativity in young people. We’ve seen just how important it is to engage and nurture emerging talent at a formative age. Through creating and developing a number of programmes – including recreating new Saturday classes with the National Art & Design Saturday Club – we have worked with thousands of young people from a wide range of backgrounds.

We now have the National Science & Engineering Saturday Club, which encourages the next generation into a dynamic and successful sector, which will provide the solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.

The University of Westminster was founded in 1838 with the aim of encouraging young people into professional life and this ethos still holds true. Today the University remains forward-thinking, innovative and creative, which is why I am so proud to have been appointed as its Chancellor.

The Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College provides crucial technical, practical and life skills, alongside academic qualifications – an approach I wholeheartedly endorse.

Welcome Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College

Frances Sorrell OBE
Co-chair of the Sorrell Foundation and Chancellor, the University of Westminster