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What’s the point of going to school and studying for exams?

(Apart from the fact that your school and your family tell you that you have to.) – Become one of our UTC students.

As a student at Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC, you will get ‘the point’. You will meet and work with people who are just a little bit older than you, who are working in big companies. These young people are using the learning from their GCSE and A level standard exams to help solve problems in their jobs. They get paid well to think a bit differently and come up with new ideas. They also have a great career ahead of them and enjoy what they do. Wait until you meet them – their enthusiasm is catching!

Students talk about their UTC experience

You will spend a good part of your time at the UTC working with companies such as Network Rail, on challenges to do with real issues they are facing in making London an even better place to be. While you work, you will find that the topics you learn in ‘normal’ lessons (such as maths) can be incredibly useful in sorting out things that need improving.
By the end of your time at the UTC you will have the confidence to put forwards your own ideas to all sorts of people. You will also have been stretched in your exams and have a fabulous CV of experiences that will put you ahead of others who are looking for places in apprenticeships, further education or university.
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