Our vision and mission

Our Vision and Mission


The inspiration for the Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC is the lasting legacy of Sir Simon, whose vision of London’s future encompassed accessible education and employment for all young people, fostering their talents and promoting social cohesion. The ethos of the school will be grounded in its commitment to diversity and inclusivity in its community.

Students will be required to develop as young professionals: they are expected to demonstrate self-sufficiency and sustain their self-motivation and engagement both in the school and when based in employers’ premises.

Our learning environment will be scholarly as well as business focused – for high achievers.


The Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College will offer an outstanding academic and technical skills education responsive to the students’ abilities and the needs of the employers. It will maximise student attainment, offer a wide range of workplace opportunities and be fully supported by some of the most significant employers in London.


Our purpose is to educate the next generation of engineers, designers and project managers to deliver major 21st century infrastructure projects in transport and the built environment in London, the UK and other EU states.


Students who complete their secondary education at Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC will be able to demonstrate:

  • a commitment to life-long learning and their own professional development;
  • rigorous academic and technical skills qualifications;
  • well-developed cognitive and verbal reasoning skills;
  • confidence with new technologies;
  • independence, adaptability and resilience;
  • team-working and leadership skills;
  • a broad appreciation of politics, culture and the place of the UK in the World.