Why is excellent attendance important?

Posted by Antonia Evans on March 11, 2019

The UTC expects all pupils to attend regularly with overall attendance above 95%.


We have these expectations for a number of reasons:


  1. Attainment: Students with attendance above 94% have a 74% chance of gaining a 4 plus (C) in their qualifications. Students with attendance of 88% or below only have 26.7% chance of gaining a 4 plus (C). Similar data exists for A Level attainment.
  2. Employability:A UTC is based upon the world of work. Therefore we have similarly high expectations. Attendance and punctuality data is included in references to Colleges, Employers and Universities.
  3. Safeguarding:When children are at school they are safer, if they are truanting- they are not being supervised.
  4. Mindfulness:Students who miss lots of work, get more stressed as they get behind, creating more pressure.