PPE for our Key Workers

Posted by Nathan Mealor on April 30, 2020

With the amazing team and facilities that we have at Westminster UTC, I am pleased to announce that we are able to make visors, to help with the national effort and provide PPE to assist the frontline of the UK’s response to Covid-19.

Mr Mehta has found a design from Portsmouth University, that is certified, packs flat, and can be re-used. We are using that design and the school’s laser cutters to make an amazing 1000 of these vital visors a day!

We have worked on this over the last few days and some of our visors have already been delivered to a local Health Centre. This is partly thanks to a local charity, Dare To Care Packages. They have set up a website where frontline staff can order PPE. This charity, therefore knows where it is needed the most, they then collect it from us and deliver it. Together, we can make a significant contribution.

The only sticking point for us, as a school, is the cost of the raw material. We have been in contact with the Department for Education, and Public Health England, but neither have taken up our offer yet, and so we need to crowdfund for it, which is where we are hoping you can help us!

We have set up a ‘GoFundMe’ page, and the link is here GoFundMe It would be great if you could share it on your social media. Here are a couple of ideas about how you could do this;

1) You can write your own posts on your social media accounts and use this to direct people to the crowdfunding page GoFundMe.

2) Alternatively, we have posted on Westminster UTC’s official social media sites, so you can just share these posts? Find and follow our accounts using the social media links below. You will then be able to find the posts and you share from there.

We have also put together a couple of templates, which contain links to the crowdfunding page. Feel free to use these if you prefer;

LinkedIn / Facebook template;

Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC is making & donating PPE. We can produce 1000 visors a day. Dare to Care Packages will then deliver to key-workers in need. But we need help to fund the materials. Please help us crowdfund by donating and/or sharing & RT. #UTCs #STEM #stemeducation #covid19nursesafety #covid19support #covid19relief #covid19response #covidkindness #covidsupport #Covid19 #PPE #ppeshortage https://gf.me/u/xyyhdg

Twitter template; (this is exactly the right amount of characters)

Westminster UTC is making & donating PPE. We can produce 1000 visors a day.@daretocarepack will then deliver to key-workers in need. But we need help to fund the materials. Pls help us crowdfund by donating and/or sharing & RT.#Covid19 #PPE https://gf.me/u/xyyhdg

Top Tip – It is always good to use a ‘@’ before ‘Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC’ to link your post to our sites, and before ‘Dare To Care Packages’ to link it to theirs. This is the charity that we are working with, who are distributing our visors to the front-line, and so it would be good to support them at the same time. When you use the @, a drop-down menu appears as you type, and you can select the official page from there. I have also attached some photos below for you to use.

To keep you updated, we intend to post updates on social media throughout the following weeks so students, families, staff and the community can all see the great work being done, so don’t forget to follow us.

Thank you very much for all your support.

PPE made by the UTC