Sir Simon Milton Foundation

Sir Simon Milton Foundation

When Sir Simon Milton died suddenly in 2011, a leading political journalist wrote: “[He] was perhaps the most interesting, quietly principled and far-sighted politician of his generation – Millions of Londoners will lead better and richer lives because of his life of unstinting duty and service.”

Simon Milton was a local government politician, including a record-breaking tenure as Leader of Westminster City Council. His pioneering ‘One City’ vision was founded on his firm belief that a place is truly the sum of its parts, whether in providing young people with jobs and training, ensuring that older people feel fully part of their communities or creating a built environment that complements the city around it.

The Sir Simon Milton Foundation was created in 2012 with one over-riding purpose: to continue his vision of a society in which communities care, the young aspire and older people thrive. The Charity has two flagship programmes:

  • To establish a national day, ‘Silver Sunday’, to celebrate older people and help reduce their loneliness.
  • To establish the Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College and raise funds to support it.

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