Sir Robert McAlpine

Sir Robert McAlpine

Edward McAlpine
Executive Partner and Director of Corporate Development

Grant Findlay
Head of Preconstruction 

Sir Robert McAlpine is a family owned, leading UK building and civil engineering company and we are committed to engineering excellence.

Many of the projects we’ve delivered, such as the O2 Arena, the Eden Project and the Olympic Stadium, have become national landmarks.

How Sir Robert McAlpine will help students at the UTC

    • UTC students can apply for work experience on one of our many projects.
    • We’ll give them the experience they need to develop their skills and take their careers forward.
    • They’ll have the chance to make a genuine contribution.

All while learning from our highly skilled teams.


  • We offer a range of apprenticeship opportunities in areas including joinery and bricklaying to general construction operations, scaffolding and rigging, plant maintenance and electrical installations.
  • We offer day release study opportunities at local colleges to those who want to blend construction experience with their higher education.
  • We sponsor undergraduates who have a strong academic base and demonstrate real potential. They are offered financial and technical support during their studies, as well as vacation/IT employment.

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