Newsletter 8

Sixth Formers work on their interviewing skills with Career Teachers

On Thursday, our Year 12 students had an excellent workshop led by experts from ‘Career Teachers’.

Our learners had an engaging talk,  outlining practical tips about how to best prepare for a job/ apprenticeship or University interviews.

Afterwards a number of students took part in mock interviews with the experts, so they were able to gain some useful feedback.

Mr Coley, Pastoral Lead for Year 12 was very pleased with how well the students engaged with the session:

“I am proud that Year 12 are working so hard to ensure they have the right skills to perform well in future interviews. The experts have been excellent at advising our students so they can compete for valuable opportunities”.

This workshop is part of a series of talks/ visitors as part of the UTCs ‘Focus on the Future’ campaign.

Year 10 work on a series of interactive engineering and construction activities as part of this week’s project learning session

Students from Year 10 worked with our employers this week during a carousel of mini engineering and construction projects, all students will have this opportunity before the end of the year.

Mr Finn, Joint Headteacher commented:

“The students were very engaged with the activities and clearly benefitted from the active nature of the learning. We are so lucky to have a strong and dedicated alliance of the best companies in the field!”.

Employers from Alstom, Network Rail, Land Sec and Sir Robert McAlpine planned and led this event.