Newsletter 5

Welcome back to all to the UTC for the Spring Term. We hope you had an enjoyable and restful holiday, and Happy New Year!

Book Donations

Thank you to all who have donated books to the UTC. We now have a selection of books which will soon be displayed in a reading area in the UTC Reception, however we are very mich still collecting…!

We are collecting reading books donated from students, parents and teachers to create a place for quiet reading and book loan in the College. If you have any books you feel able to donate (fiction, non-fiction, of any age or ability), please bring them in with your child / ward and ask them to hand to Ella at Reception or to Miss Evans. Fiction books of interest to students aged 14 – 19 are preferred, but many types of books are useful and of interest. Many thanks in advance for your support.

Key information

UTC Laptops

A reminder to parents that school laptops should not be taken home or used at home by students. If any UTC laptops are found at home, please return ASAP and inform us via email. Many thanks.

UTC Lanyards

A reminder from the canteen staff that students MUST have their UTC Lanyard in order to be able to purchase food at the canteen. This is the case if a student has free school meals or if a student purchases lunch. Many thanks.

IMPORTANT – Year 10 students must bring their PE kit to College on Tuesdays. Please kindly contact Ms Evans if there are any problems with kit.


A reminder that Year 10 PE will take place at the Black Prince Trust Sports Centre (Gibson Rd, Lambeth, London SE11 6PT) and also in the UTC. The venue will change depending on the activity your child is doing each week.

Students will be dismissed from the Sports Centre OR from the UTC at 4.30pm on Tuesdays at the end of the PE session. If you are not happy for your son/daughter to depart directly from the Sports Centre, please email me at the address below to organise alternative arrangements.

Extending Learning at home

Subject of the week: Maths

A message from Mr Radziul:

A very powerful Maths learning resource – Mathswatch – is now available to all Y10 students. From now on, they will regularly have Independent Study work, Homework and Tests set to complete online using this Virtual Learning Environment. However, students can also access it from home on pretty much any electronic device as long as they have Internet access.

There are video clips, worksheets and tips available to them to learn and practise. We also attach Mathswatch syllabus checklists (organised by grade, by topic and by teacher) and the topics therein correspond with the clip and worksheet numbers. Students already have a similar check list in their books. To access Mathswatch, please go to:


The user name is just the first name initial and full surname as one word and all in lower case followed by @westminsterutc. For example for James Bond it would be jbond@westminsterutc.

The password is changeme, but please DO NOT actually change the password as people tend to forget them. There is no personal data stored on Mathswatch, so it is safe to keep the password as changeme.

Year 10 Physics message

A message from Miss McLoughlin:

In Physics year 10 have been studying road collisions. This documentary, aimed at teenagers provides a powerful insight into just how much damage can be done on the roads. It follows the sentencing of a young professional footballer, tipped to one day play for England, after he killed several members of the Singh family whilst speeding in his new car.

The documentary is not only useful to the Physics Curriculum but also essential viewing for any teenager hoping to learn how to drive in a few years.


Physics workbooks: a number of CGP Physics workbooks have been taken home by Year 10 students and not returned. These are essential for independent work done at the UTC. If you see a workbook at home, please could you ensure your son/daughter returns it to the UTC and informs Miss McLoughlin. Many thanks.