Newsletter 10

Macmillan Coffee Morning

The UTC is inviting all parents and members of public to Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC’s coffee morning to join us in this happy event by playing games, drinking coffee and conversing over cake to raise money for those who need it!
Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC is hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning to stand with people who are battling cancer. Through participation, every penny donated contributes towards changing the lives of those affected by cancer. As a UTC we believe in community, resilience and happiness and we are hoping that you can join us in helping those in need! Last year Macmillan had raised £27.5m and, for this year, hope are high that by participating in the biggest coffee morning of the year we can help in raising more.
Please book your reservation tickets on the UTC’s ‘events’ page on our website!
We are also, hosting a Students Non-Uniform Day on the 18th October where each student must bring in £1 each to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research.

Enrichment Clubs!

The UTC is now running a list of enrichment clubs which are available for all students:
• Year 10 Boys’ Basketball with Mr Reid.
• Year 10 and 11 Boys football with Mr Reid.
• Year 11 Boys’ Basketball with Mr Reid.
• Year 11 GCSE Spanish with Miss Gonzalez.
• Year 11 English Club with Miss Curley.
• GCSE French for all year groups.
• Running Club for all year groups with Mr Sollesse.
• Year 13 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).
• Year 10, 12 and 13 GCSE Spanish with Miss Gonzalez.
• Year 11, 12 and 13 Skills you need for Employment and Careers Club.
• Year 12 and 13 Media and Blogging with Miss Gonzalez.
• Forensic Science (limited places) with Mr Ogunbadjeo.
• ICT and Computing for all years with Mr Sollesse.
• Girls’ Multi Sports with Miss Ross.
If a student has not joined any enrichment clubs, please do so as soon as possible!

The B1M

The UTC had the lucky opportunity to have a workshop about DEC (Design, Engineering and Construction) with the Co-founder of B1M, Fred Mills. The students had enjoyed the talk and had even made it to B1M’s twitter page! We are happy that our students had this opportunity to talk about cutting edge tech and potential jobs within the DEC industry!