A message from the Chief Executive of Network Rail

Posted by Dennis G. Lucan on January 20, 2017

Mark Carne

“There are many challenges ahead for UK transport organisations to deliver a bigger and better network, and in particular for us to address the capacity issues on the railway to get more people to where they need to be. To meet these challenges, we need a technological transformation of the network to improve the capacity, speed and reliability of our railway in the face of ever-increasing demand for rail travel.
To realise our vision of a Digital Railway, we will also need a highly skilled workforce, and that means playing our part in educating and training people – but also inspiring a new generation of engineers, technicians and business leaders to come and work in this exciting industry, which is embarking on an investment programme unseen since Victorian times.
Working with our partners, we believe this UTC can make a real difference to the young people of London and the south-east and we aim to provide them not only with a top class education but also the life skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in their careers. In particular, we recognise the opportunity to positively influence female students and those from ethnic minority backgrounds to consider apprenticeships and other career opportunities offered by the 21st century rail and construction sectors.”

Mark Carne
Chief Executive, Network Rail