Heathrow Airport Debate

Posted by Antonia Evans on March 11, 2019

Students in Year 12 took part in a debate about the planned expansion of Heathrow Airport. The task was designed to develop a more applied approach to the topic of Stakeholder Management.

Each student represented a differing stakeholder perspective, with some representing government, environmentalist and local residents/businesses.

Students had prepared very carefully with lots of facts, figures and other research sources to support their arguments. After presenting their standpoints, students constructively argued from a variety of viewpoints before voting on the options.

Year 12 student B. Kizzah said, “It was very interesting learning about the Heathrow Airport debate in detail. When you listen to the different perspectives in a debate it highlights that there can be no outright correct or incorrect decision. It’s all about the quality of the argument, and thankfully my team won!”