Guide for parents and carers of new students

UTC Guide for parents and carers

For ambitious, enterprising, young people, the Sir Simon Milton Westminster University Technical College, situated in the heart of the capital, will be the best connected college in the country. It will produce self-confident `job ready’ leaders of the future from across London, who can measure their own success in terms of their enhanced opportunities and life experiences, not to mention strong employment opportunities with some of the world’s best known and prestigious employers.

This UTC is a unique opportunity, with a blend of practical skills, hands-on and academic learning where we will set and expect the highest standards to bring out the very best in our young people. But it is also a place where we want students to enjoy their time with us, broadening their life skills through wholehearted participation in an incredible range of activities outside the classroom.

We will help our students to build their self-confidence through new experiences, made possible by our unique connections to the very best opportunities that being situated in the heart of London offers, which is so vital for future success and will enable them to excel and fulfil their dreams and ambitions.

Building good relationships between members of the school community will be central to our pastoral care. Students will feel comfortable in an environment where everyone’s talents and differences are valued and celebrated.

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In addition to this UTC guide for parents and carers, there is lots of information across the website about partners, the curriculum, a typical student day etc.  Please do take a few minutes to take a look around.