Duke of Edinburgh

Posted by Antonia Evans on March 11, 2019

A third of our Year 11 students have chosen to take part in the bronze fast-track Duke of Edinburgh expedition for their enrichment. They went for an expedition in East Sussex (Grinstead). The students enjoyed the experience and learnt an array of skills that they can also, apply to their education.

Shakeel Mohamoud: “Doing the Duke of Edinburgh made me feel more determined. Facing the hardships that came with the expedition makes me want to apply what I learnt to my exams and revision. It has helped me with my organisational skills and, preparation. I gained a lot of skills such as, teamwork, communication and, orienteering”.

Pristie Ikong: “Taking part in Duke of Edinburgh is going to help me with my revision and school work because, it’s helped me develop patience. I feel motivated and inspired, I feel like I can do anything. It definitely helped me with my independence, communication and teamwork skills. I would do it again and work towards the gold medal.