AQA A-Level in Physics

Sir Simon Milton Westminster UTC: Course Overview


COURSE: A-Level Physics

Units/modules studied by term:


Autumn: 3.4.1 Force, energy and momentum, 3.4.2 Materials, 3.3.1 Progressive and stationary waves, 3.3.2 Refraction, diffraction and interference

Spring: 3.2.1 Particles, 3.2.2 Electromagnetic radiation and quantum phenomena, 3.5.1 Current electricity,

Summer: 3.6.1 Periodic motion, Revision Mocks

Autumn: 3.7.1 Fields, 3.7.2 Gravitational fields, 3.7.3 Electric fields , 3.7.4 Capacitance, 3.7.5 Magnetic fields

Spring: 3.8.1 Radioactivity, 3.11.1 Rotational dynamics, 3.11.2 Thermodynamics and engines

Summer: Revision, External Exams



Educational Visits undertaken with this course

Educational visit to CERN, ITER, Cambridge, UCL Science Centre Lectures, Imperial Inspire Activities


Course/awarding title: AQA

Specification Code: 7408C

Qualification Accreditation: 601/4747/7

Number/Discount course: 1210

Length of course: 2 Years

Guided learning hours: 360 GLH

Tiers: N/A


Outcome grades: E to A* (PASS), U (FAIL)

Entry requirements: High

External examination: 3 mandatory papers each of 120 minutes, 85/85/80 marks and 34 %/34%/32% contribution. Optional paper in Part B of Paper 3. Students will study 3.11, Engineering Physics

Coursework: 12 Required Practicals, content will be assessed (15%) in written papers above and teacher assessment for CPAC (Common Practical Assessment Criteria) as Pass/Fail (or “endorsement”). Students must keep records of Practicals

Practical deadlines: To be done on the day of the practical.

Work experience things: N/A

Assessments: Initial, 2 Teacher set KAT (Key Assessments Tasks) per Term, Yr 12 Mock (July), Yr 13 Mock (Jan), Y13 (End of course)