AQA A-Level Physics

A-level Physics

Units/modules studied by term

Year 1

3.4.1 Force, energy and momentum
3.4.2 Materials
3.3.1 Progressive and stationary waves
3.3.2 Refraction, diffraction and interference
3.2.1 Particles
3.2.2 Electromagnetic radiation and quantum phenomena
3.5.1 Current electricity
3.6.1 Periodic motion, Revision Mocks

Year 2

3.7.1 Fields
3.7.2 Gravitational fields
3.7.3 Electric fields
3.7.4 Capacitance
3.7.5 Magnetic fields
3.8.1 Radioactivity
3.11.1 Rotational dynamics
3.11.2 Thermodynamics and engines
Revision, External Exams

Educational Visits undertaken with this course:

Educational visit to CERN, ITER, Cambridge, UCL Science Centre Lectures, Imperial Inspire Activities

Course Details

Course/awarding title: AQA
Specification Code: 7408C
Qualification Accreditation: 601/4747/7
Number/Discount course: 1210
Length of course: 2 Years
Guided learning hours: 360 GLH


Outcome grades: E to A* (PASS), U (FAIL)
Entry requirements: High
External examination: Three mandatory papers each of 120 minutes, 85/85/80 marks and 34 %/34%/32% contribution.
Optional paper in Part B of Paper 3. Students will study 3.11, Engineering Physics

Coursework: 12 Required Practicals, content will be assessed (15%) in written papers above and teacher assessment for CPAC (Common Practical Assessment Criteria) as Pass/Fail (or “endorsement”). Students must keep records of Practicals
Coursework Deadlines: To be done on the day of the practical.

Assessments: Initial, 2 Teacher set KAT (Key Assessments Tasks) per Term, Yr 12 Mock (July), Yr 13 Mock (Jan), Y13 (End of course)